Terms of use

Here you can find out what you can and cannot do with my music

Here's what you can:

🟢 You can download all tracks for free.
🟢 You can use music on YouTube for free, but without monetizing your videos (earn income from showing Google ads on your YouTube videos). Your videos may receive a copyright infringement complaint, there is nothing wrong with that.
🟢 You can use music in video games for free.

🟢 You can use music in applications for free.
🟢 You can use music on your website and company website for free.
🟢 You can use music on TV and radio for free.
🟢 You can use music in online courses for free.

🟢 You can use music in film festivals for free.

🟢 You can use music in school projects for free.
🟢 You can listen to my music for free (You can also listen on Spotify, Apple Music, etc.).

Here's what you can't:

⛔ You cannot sell my music tracks on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, and other sites.

*If your video has received a copyright claim on YouTube: You can leave everything as it is, there is nothing wrong with it, everything will be fine with your video, no restrictions will be placed on it (except for monetization), your video will not be deleted.


*If you want to remove copyrights or enable monetization of your videos and earn money, you need to purchase a license and show it on YouTube. 

*If you need a license for your video / project: Each music track is accompanied by a “Buy a license” button, which leads to the Pond5, AudioJungle and CD Baby website, where you can purchase a license.

*YouTube Copyright Claims: If your video gets a copyright claims, there is nothing wrong with that. Your video will not be deleted. Your channel will not receive a copyright strike (your channel will not be deleted). The claim does not limit the views of your video. The claim only limits monetization.

Questions? Read our FAQ.

Stream and download my music on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, YouTube Music and Deezer.


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