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About Me

Aleksandr Shamaluev - AShamaluevMusic
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Hi everyone!


My name is Aleksandr Shamaluev, but many people know me as AShamaluevMusic. Originally, I’m from Ukraine, however, you can hear my musical compositions in millions of videos around the world.


On this website you can find music in variety of genres such as cinematic, corporate, pop, rock as well as children’style.


My goal is to make my music accessible by giving an opportunity to every single person who strive to make their creative projects impressive, including those people who currently can’t afford getting a license. That’s why from now on you can download as many musical pieces as you need for free. Pleasedon’t forget to give me credit in your video or its description.

If you enjoy my music, please feel free to share this website with your friends and colleagues and come again! 

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Thank you for using my music in your projects

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Stay tuned, because we’re releasing new songs every month and we do not intend to stop creating!


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